Tanning Treatments At A Day Spa

Everyone wants to be sun kissed. Busy schedules or work keeps us away from steeping out in the sun and getting a gorgeous tan. If you want a tan, tanning treatments are a good alternative. The treatment colours your skin to make it appear evenly browned in the sun. Tanning is available at many day spas where the procedure is undertaken in a tanning tent or booth.


Benefits of tanning treatments
The time it takes to develop an even tan is a fraction of what it would take to get one naturally. You wouldn’t have to cake yourself with sun screen before stepping out either. An hour in the sun, apart from giving you a golden hue, is damaging for the skin.

Here it is important to differentiate between basking in the sun and bathing to get a tan. A few minutes in the sun is essential for production of vitamin D and release of endorphins. Shying away from the sun makes the bones brittle apart from other health complications. On the other hand, soaking in the sun for long periods makes you vulnerable to skin cancer and sun burns.

Tanning treatments, a safer alternative
There are three types of tan in a bottle: Lotion, sprays and oils and creams. The end product is an even faux tan that looks better. On a spa day you have the choice to choose from the well known professional brands such as Sienna-X, Fake Bake, Xen-Tan and St Tropez. The lotion is either smoothened over your skin by hand or sprayed evenly by the therapist. There are private rooms where the treatment takes place where the therapist consults you on the colour used beforehand.

The process of self-tan is similar to what you would follow at home, except for the expert assistance. The tanning lotion is evenly spread all over the body.

Another type of self-tanning is spray or air tanning. This takes place in a plastic tent or a pod to contain the spray from entering other areas of the room. Once you enter the pod, you are to stand still on the floor. The therapist keeps you informed on when she is about to start the process, how you are to stand and when you need to turn around. The therapist starts off with a lighter shade and builds up till it reaches the shade of choice. The treatment time taken is as little as 10-15 minutes.

Another variation is the automatic tan spray. There are a number of nozzles, press the start button, close your eyes and get into position. Stay put to get an even tan.