The civil parish of Wilmslow is perhaps one of the most traditional in the entirety of Manchester. Its upmarket lifestyle and affluent features have led to it becoming very popular amongst the rich and famous; with a vast range of celebrities calling the area their home. To say that it’s one of the most sought-after places to live would be an understatement. A better comment would be to say that the suburban streets may look stunning on the outside, but they are actually a source for much competition among those hoping to be able to make a purchase and relocate to this region.

Is there much to do in Wilmslow?

Of course, otherwise there wouldn’t be much need for people to visit or live there! Unlike other parts of Manchester, this region actually witnessed a drop in population from just over 30,000 residents to about 25,000, as of 2011. This may have had something to do with the fact that the local parish split from another, but it could also be because of the high value of properties in the region.

That being said, if you are fortunate enough to travel through you will undoubtedly enjoy the proximity to shops, retail outlets, eateries, bars, cafés and activity centres. There are a few cinemas within driving distance, a nearby theatre – and even monuments and historic references made to the Iron Age man that was discovered just over a decade ago (the Lindow Man). If we had to pick one of the most iconic sights in the region however, it would have to be the Wilmslow Town Hall – a building that is as incredible to look at as it must be to work in!

And what of the salons?
Ah, the beauty salons and hair clinics. The great news about these facilities is that there are plenty to choose from in this area. There are some that only cater to the rich and famous (or those that can afford to pay more for their services). There are others that offer well-rounded services in a more affordable price bracket.

The great news is that you will have several to choose from when looking through our listings, so why not head on over to our featured salons right now and see if you can find one that will be able to look after your next treatment?