The large township of Stockport in Greater Manchester is by far one of the most well-known in the entirety of the United Kingdom. Not only does it play host to the Stockport Viaduct – a stretch of roadway responsible for a whopping 17% of the UK’s travel congestion; it also have plenty of history and culture. The River Goyt is on one side and merges with the River Mersey to create a pretty iconic landscape for residents, but the Stockport Town Hall is by far one of the most ridiculously good looking buildings that still stands in the 21st Century.

Is there much to do here?

Yes and no would have to be the simple answer. Yes if you like fashion, shopping, eating out, evening strolls, quiet parks and a very effective transportation system. No if you prefer living in a cupboard. There’s so much to do here, we really aren’t exaggerating! If you want to enjoy a night out then there are dozens of bars and night clubs to choose from, too.

If the idea of a quiet meal is your cup of tea, then there are just as many restaurants. There are also plenty of shops and fashion hot spots for clothing, as well as a cinema, a theatre nearby and plenty of activities to take part in whether you’re travelling alone, or as a part of your family. We couldn’t recommend visiting any more highly, so why not give it a try?

Only if there’s salons!

Okay, deal. If we tell you about the salons, you agree to take a trip to the region and see them for yourself. Sound fair? Good. So, what types of salons can you expect exactly? Well, there’s the usual suspects that specialise in massages, manicures and other similar therapies, but then there are those that offer exclusive (and often Oriental) alternatives.

There are also a couple of laser clinics in the region to help with the perfection of your skin, and even several hair salons should you decide to enjoy an update to your hair style, or have a brand new look taken care of by a professional.