St Mary’s church – Prestwich
Iain Peakcock [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

If you’ve never been to Prestwich before, then boy oh boy might you feel like you’ve been taken back in time when you arrive. From the architecture to the layout of the roads, this small township in Greater Manchester has retained many of its roots – and it’s actually considered the second largest Jewish community in the whole of the UK.

What does the region have to offer?

The fact that many of the shops (up to 75%) are Jewish-owned and operated provides an authentic and traditional style that locals and visitors have come to know and love. Not only is the local community very welcoming; most are happy to help when pointing you in the direction of what you’re looking for.

This can be pretty useful, as it’s not uncommon for people to get lost from time to time – what with so many alleyways and turnings. Fortunately, there’s a great transportation system; with local trams, buses and cabs operating all day every day. This can make it easier to get to where you need to be, especially if you haven’t been in the area before.

So, what about the hair and beauty salons?

Where things get really interesting is when choosing from the exciting range of beauty and hair salons in the region. Some are Jewish-owned while others aren’t, but whatever you are looking for, we’re sure that you’ll find plenty of information within our listings. In fact we’ve paid extra attention to compiling information on the most reputable, affordable and efficient salons in the area.

You’ll find those that specialise in hair treatments and therapies, those that prioritise modern styles above all else and even those that have retained an older approach to the way that they operate. As far as beauty salons are concerned, most that we’ve come across are as luxurious as they are affordable – and we’ve heard about incredible results from some of our clients over the past few years.