Special Spa Treatment For Pregnant Ladies In Spa Days

spa days
Spa Days

There is a misconception that women should not visit a spa while pregnant. How can this be true when this is the perfect time for her to be pampered. Special spa treatments for pregnant women are available at select day spas that cater to the soon to be mom. If you still suffer from morning sickness, avoid going to the spa because it can be a messy affair. Here are some of the pros and cons about whether your body can handle treatment at a spa.

• Avoid anything that increases body temperature. A steam room, sauna, hot tub, hot wraps are off limits. This can affect the fetus especially during the first trimester – do not risk it.

• A room surrounded with candles and an aroma therapist working her magic sounds like just the thing the doctor ordered. Certain oils or scrubs can cause an upset to the baby because of a massage, but not all. Lime and lavender are known to be calming to the senses and may not have an adverse effect. If you are uncomfortable, avoid the therapeutic aroma massage and wait it out.

• Nothing can make a woman feel wretched than looking at her face and body and seeing the bloating. There is no quick fix to this but a facial handled by expert hands will give you the pick me up that you need. Most women, though happy to be pregnant, feel lousy because of the extra weight and a facial makes them feel good about themselves.

• Back pain can really get you down and more so when you are pregnant. A masseur trained in prenatal massage is just the person to give you that dose of tender loving care with a rubdown that eliminates stress and back pain.

• Aside from the fact that most women opt for facials and massages, a pedicure and manicure can change things super fast. Sit back and let the specialist get the job done in a calm environment. Spoiler alert – if you notice that you are unable to deal with the smell of the polish or your skin breaks out in a rash, avoid anything that creates the mess.

• If limp hair is getting you down, opt for a head massage. This improves the flow of blood to the roots that revitalizes the tresses.

Accredited Spa

Plan your spa days at an accredited salon and see what they have to offer. During the gestation period, skin is extremely sensitive. Avoid going in for a Brazilian or bikini wax or even a general wax on the arms or legs as the skin may react negatively. Serious do’s and don’ts must considered during pregnancy that you would never have considered otherwise. The point to note is that if the spa is not equipped to handle prenatal care via massage and other core treatments, you need to look out for one that does. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the 9 months have to be a time where you do not have your cake and eat it too.