Planning your Couple’s Spa Day

Planning your Couple’s Spa Day

Very often we find that couples get too busy with their own lives and are left with hardly any time to spend together. This is especially true for married couples, who are managing jobs, the house, socialising and parenting, all at once.

Massage sessions are designed to help people become aware of the present moment and let go of the future and the past. Couple spa therapy is becoming extremely popular as an activity that should be undertaken on a regular basis to reconnect with your spouse. The experience of relaxation, both at the physical and mental level, can really help in strengthening the relationship between two people. Here are some ways in which you can plan your couple’s spa day.

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1. Think of it as a mini-vacation
A spa day could actually turn into a mini-vacation if you choose a facility that is located at a slight distance from the city. Pick a place that offers special couple spa treatments, customised to suit your specific needs. This could include a foot spa, body massage, facial and a sauna bath. Book yourself in for the entire day so that you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner once the spa treatment is over.

2. Opt for romantic spas
If you’re really in the mood for some romance, you could research on some romantic spas that include a full-blown body scrub and an exotic bath in a private Jacuzzi or sauna room decorated with candlelight and an oversized bath tub! These kinds of spa treatments could last for over 90 minutes and leave you feeling fresh and stimulated. Typically, the treatment is ended with a luxurious massage and the couple is treated with champagne which sets the mood for a romantic date.

3. Plan the day around the spa treatment
Even though the spa treatment might last just an hour or so, the effects will last for a number of hours. You might feel relaxed and in the mood for doing something together thereafter. So always have time for an activity, such as a walk down the beach or a reading session next to the pool.

It is also important to plan your eating routine on the spa day. Ideally, you should eat at least one hour prior to the spa treatment. This way you won’t be lying down on a full tummy. Also, if you plan to make dinner reservations after the spa, make sure that there is sufficient time for you to relax and change since you wouldn’t want to rush after enjoying a relaxing massage.

4. Utilise other amenities
You will find that several spas offer complementary access to pools, saunas, fitness centres, game rooms and various other amenities with the premises. It is a highly recommended that you utilise all such facilities, especially if you have the time to do so. In addition to this, hotel spas also have on-site restaurants where you can enjoy a hearty meal after your luxurious couple spa treatment.