Highlight Your Lips With Lip Makeup

Makeup Artists
If you’ve always though that lipstick is just a roll-on that stains your lips in luscious colours, you are mistaken. Lip makeup is not as troubling as eye makeup but the little effort on your lip makeup does pay off well. The most prominent features are the eyes and the lips. Even if you decide to underplay the lip colour to contain the drama to the eyes, lip makeup cannot still be overlooked. If your lips are your best feature, you’ve got one more reason to draw attention towards it. The intention of lip makeup is not to draw attention from the eyes but to give it an adequate definition.

There is a lot to lip makeup apart from the red lipstick trend and listed below is a guideline on the best ways to highlight your lips with subtle lip makeup.

The requirement: The procedure is fairly simple and to achieve the desired look, all you will need is your favourite liquid highlighter, the chosen lip colour, lip pencils which are a shade darker and a shade lighter than the chosen lip colour, a lip brush and a clear gloss.

The steps:

The first step is to clean your lips. Use a cotton pad and wipe the surface clean to remove any dust particles or remnants of lip colour.
Using a highlighting pencil, trace out the lip shape keeping the lines over the natural lip line. Repeat the same on the other side as well. The highlighter method is used by most celebrities to achieve the enchanting red carpet look. Trace out the bottom line at the central curve of lips. After drawing out the lines, blend using fingertip to erase the strict lines till they are undetectable. Repeat the same process on the lower lip.

Once the highlighting is done, draw out the margins on the lower lip using a pencil in the colour close to the lipstick shade. Keep the line as close to the natural lip line as possible.

Use a lip pencil of a darker colour to apply on the cupids bow. The darker shade separates the upper lip from the nose. The two shade margin will not look awkward once the look is completed.

Apply the lip stick on the lower lip, either using a lip liner brush or directly. A brush helps in blending the margins well. Blending is important here as the intention of lip makeup is to give the illusion of embossment and not to draw out lips.

The aim of lip make up is the subtle attempt at making the lips look full and luscious. Thus, the upper and lower margin is drawn to extend the lip volume. Those who are blessed with full lips can also play up the volume without the fear of looking like they’ve been stung by a bee. Add a finishing touch of gloss to seal the colour in. Always carry a lip brush for the inevitable touch ups.