A Guide To Hairdressers Hair Smoothing Treatments

Having smooth and silky hair is everybody’s dream. But, to convert this dream into reality takes something more than just efforts. It requires a visit to a hairdressers, for sure. When visiting hairdressers, your hair will be given proper care and attention. You can either get your hair permed or smoothed, depending upon your choice. Whatever you decide, you will end up having those soft and silky strands of hair, which will make you look beautiful and wonderful.

How does hair smoothing work?
In the hair smoothing treatment, the frizz-fighters are used for breaking the bonds in the hair. They are then glued back in a lovely pattern. Depending upon the di-sulphide bonds in the hair, the hair becomes curlier or smoother. When you visit a hairdresser, your hair will be washed with a deep cleansing shampoo. After shampooing the hair, a straightening solution will be applied on the hair. After that, the hair will be blow-dried and made straight, with the help of flat irons. These flat-irons actually create water-proof seals, which can help in maintaining the hair strands for about three to four months.

Given below are some of the popular hair smoothing treatments, which can give you those gorgeous and glamourous hair styles:

Keratin Straightening
Keratin is the most popular hair straightening treatment. It makes use of keratin for filling up the gaps in hair cuticles. It adds strength and shine to the hair, and makes it smoother. It has long lasting results and gives a wonderful makeover to the hair. Though, the treatment takes in more efforts and sittings, the outcome is splendid. In the first few days, there is an oxidation process. This process helps in setting the keratin in the hair, and one will need to be extra careful in dealing with the hair, while the setting up takes place.

Brazilian Blowout
This particular smoothing treatment works best on damaged and frizzy hair. It uses a polymer system, which binds the amino acids to the base of the hair. Even though, this treatment does not straighten the hair completely, the women can choose to get some volume and wave added to their hair. As this also uses Keratin for infusing the hair, it also acts as a conditioner. Once the treatment is completed, one can wash the hair and style them, as well.

Japanese Straightening
It is a thermal reconditioning process, which gives permanent and long lasting results. This works best for people who want completely straight hair, and do not dye or colour their hair. It takes about four to five hours to complete.

Whatever hair treatment you choose, just be sure that you are visiting the right hairdressers, and choose the treatment after consultation. You should not compromise on quality, and seek out only the best treatment for your precious hair. Also, remember that once the smoothing treatment is done, you should take utmost care of it. While washing your hair, use only the recommended shampoos, otherwise, you would risk stripping off keratin from the hair.